Our Embryology Science - Genova

Our Embryology Science

The heart of any fertility centre is the embryology lab. Our embryology lab is built with the help of international consultants. It is one of the most technologically advance labs in Pakistan, housing the latest equipment in embryology science. Every inch of the lab is designed to ensure optimal embryo development.

In 2017, experts from around the world met in Cairo to reach a consensus on the benchmarks for air quality in the embryology lab and the operation theatre (the ART Suite).

Genova IVF is the only fertility centre in Pakistan that has implemented every single guideline laid out by the prestigious Cairo consensus. We have invested heavily in custom built ‘Air Handling Units’ with four stage filters that continuously regulate the air pressure, temperature, humidity, and particle levels to create the unique environment required in the ART Suite that meet the highest international standards. This gives us a significant edge and ensures you have the best chance for a successful pregnancy in Pakistan.

Whether you have experienced a miscarriage, failed IVF cycle, age-related infertility – or unexplained infertility, our world-class lab technologies and vast experience will give you a significantly higher chance of pregnancy and delivery.