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The Genova Difference

Our Team of Experts

Without a question, our strength begins with our team. We are a team with the sole mission to give you the best chance for a successful pregnancy. Our highly experienced team is headed by our Chairman, Dr. Prof. Tahir Masood Ahmad, who has held the highest ranks in public and private healthcare as Dean of Children’s Hospital Lahore and Principal Rashid Latif Medical College, respectively.

Genova IVF medical team is led by Dr. Prof. Fauzia Monnoo who is one of the top infertility experts in Pakistan, having completed her training in infertility from Germany and Singapore. Our team of fertility doctors bring a wealth of experience, both international and domestic. They specialize in treating complex infertility cases and have helped countless patients become happy parents.

Our embryologists are highly skillful and are qualified in the latest methodology and science of embryology. Our embryology team has completed an intensive program conducted by the leading fertility centre in Nepal.

Each member of our team promises to stand with you, answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. We take pride in being professional, compassionate, and ethical.

Our Embryology Science

The heart of any fertility centre is the embryology lab. Our embryology lab is built with the help of international consultants. It is one of the most technologically advance labs in Pakistan, housing the latest equipment in embryology science. Every inch of the lab is designed to ensure optimal embryo development.

In 2017, experts from around the world met in Cairo to reach a consensus on the benchmarks for air quality in the embryology lab and the operation theatre (the ART Suite).

Genova IVF is the only fertility centre in Pakistan that has implemented every single guideline laid out by the prestigious Cairo consensus. We have invested heavily in custom built ‘Air Handling Units’ with four stage filters that continuously regulate the air pressure, temperature, humidity, and particle levels to create the unique environment required in the ART Suite that meet the highest international standards. This gives us a significant edge and ensures you have the best chance for a successful pregnancy in Pakistan.

Whether you have experienced a miscarriage, failed IVF cycle, age-related infertility – or unexplained infertility, our world-class lab technologies and vast experience will give you a significantly higher chance of pregnancy and delivery.

Our Facility

Genova IVF is the largest standalone fertility centre in Lahore, with approx. 5,000 square feet of space custom designed to ensure comfort and well- being of our patients.

With the help of international consultants and a prestigious architectural firm in Lahore we have designed every corner of our facility keeping your safety, comfort, and privacy in mind.

We believe that infertility should not be treated as a disease and the facility does not need to look like a hospital. This is why we have created a stress-free environment. When you enter our facility, we want you to drop all your worries, sit back and enjoy the journey to parenthood. Leave the rest to Allah SWT and our dedicated team of professionals.

Our Wellness Programs

We know that going through treatment is not easy. It is emotionally and financially demanding and at times it can be frustrating when results do not come immediately. Yet, keeping a positive mindset and a healthy body is especially important.

Studies have shown that taking care of both your body and mind will increase your chances of pregnancy.

Health Coach: a healthy and balanced diet will increase your chance of a healthy pregnancy. All our patients are offered a session with a qualified nutritionist and health coach specializing in fertility.

Psychologist: we know going through treatment is not easy. It’s easy to doubt the process and give up hope. To help with positive thoughts we offer a session with our very experienced  psychologist.

Our Innovation

We are pioneers of Natural in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Pakistan. A Natural IVF procedure requires minimal or no usage of fertility medication. A patient’s cycle is monitored strongly to harvest her egg at an ultimate time. We use this minimally invasive protocol whenever possible. Natural IVF reduces the cost of treatment significantly and you don’t have to go through discomfort of daily drug injections.

Our Personalized Approach

We create tailored treatment plans as we realize that each patient has unique challenges and different circumstances.

We don’t force a treatment on you. We investigate to find the root cause of infertility and then evaluate which treatment is most suitable for you.

Each part of your treatment will be personalized, from counselling, nutrition advice, medication, diagnostic tests to medical protocols and procedures. This will give you the best chance to get pregnant in the shortest period.

Our Fertility Analysis

We take a team approach to analysis. Each member of our medical and scientific team brings a unique perspective, experience, and skills. When you meet with our consultant, you are taking advantage of the expertise of the whole team as all complex reproductive disorders are discussed in a team environment to find the best solutions. Most importantly, our holistic process, will help you become pregnant in the shortest period.

Additionally, each month our entire team of physicians meet to sit down and review all complicated cases. This is especially valuable for patients who have not experienced success at other fertility centers.

Flexible Payment Plan

We recognize that fertility treatment can be financially prohibitive. Therefore, we have devised a first-of-its-kind phased payment plan. We collect the IVF-ICSI cost in three phases. Payment for the next phase is only collected if the first phase is successful. This ensures that our fee is tied to your success and our interests are aligned. Furthermore, we have separated the medical department from the financial department to ensure complete objectivity.

A financial counselor walks each couple through the costs and payment options so you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Our aim is to not only offer cutting-edge medical treatment but also to make the entire process as stress-free as possible for our patients.

Our Convenient & Private Location

We realize that infertility treatment is a very private matter. Therefore, we have chosen a location that is centrally located in the heart of the city yet tucked in a side street to offer you privacy and complete discretion.

We are located on Sir Syed Road in Gulberg II with easy access from Main Boulevard Gulberg, M.M. Alam Road and College Road.  Genova IVF is also accessible by public transport.

For your convenience we have designated parking spots at the facility.

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