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DNA Sperm Fragmentation Test

The Basics

This is an advance test to determine the genetic makeup of the sperm. Fertilization depends on the quality of genetic material in sperm. When sperm DNA is fragmented, the genetic material contained in the sperm may be compromised. This may lead to male infertility, failure of IVF-ICSI and miscarriage.

Basic analysis of sperm is done through a semen analysis. This test is useful to determine the concentration, motility and morphology of the sperm, however it does not detect DNA fragmentation. To get to the root cause of the issue and ensure that the DNA is not compromised, DNA fragmentation test is recommended.

DNA Sperm Fragmentation test helps in determining the root cause of male infertility and will increase the chances of pregnancy once the cause is treated.

When should you get DNA Sperm Fragmentation Test done?

  • Unsuccessful IVF attempts because of poor embryo development
  • Miscarriage
  • Poor semen analysis report
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Advance male age

Your Genova IVF consultant would advise you when the DNA Sperm Fragmentation Test is required. Book your appointment today to consult the best infertility specialists in Pakistan.

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