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The Basics

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is one of the most well-known fertility treatments. It is less invasive and economical compared to. This is why it is most often used as the first line of treatment for infertility.

IUI is a fertility treatment in which sperm are placed inside the woman’s uterus for the fertilization to take place. The principal objective of IUI is to increase the number of sperms that reach the fallopian tubes by easing the process of sperms travelling from the vagina to the fallopian tubes. This, in turn, increases the chances of getting pregnant.

When is IUI used?

IUI is used to assist the sperm in reaching the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg. Hence, the most common reasons for using IUI are low sperm count and decreased sperm mobility. Apart from that, fertility specialists also select IUI as a primary fertility treatment in cases such as:

  • Male infertility
  • Scarring in cervical tissue from previous procedures which can decrease the chances of the sperm to enter the uterus
  • Dysfunctional ejaculation
  • Unexplained reasons for infertility
  • When fertility drugs alone cannot increase fertility
  • If sexual pain makes it difficult to have intercourse

When is IUI not recommended?

  • Pelvic infection
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Severe cases of endometriosis

It is always recommended to get a thorough check up from Genova IVF Centre’s fertility specialists before proceeding to any procedure.


The IUI Procedure

The procedure is really basic, however, it’s quite normal to feel anxious about it. We are fully equipped to perform the IUI procedure conveniently at our facility.

Your husband will come into the facility that day with you and provide a semen sample which is accomplished by means of masturbation just like the way the male partner provides a sample for the semen analysis.

Semen does not just contain sperm. Your specialist will put the semen through a special cleaning method. This will wash the semen from impurities leaving what’s required for fertilization.

For the method itself, you will rest on a gynecological examination table, like the ones utilized for your tests. A catheter — a little, thin tube — will be put in your cervix. You may feel some mild cramping, like what you may feel during intercourse. The washed and prepared semen will at that point be moved into your uterus through the catheter. The catheter is taken out and that is the whole procedure.

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