Our Team of Experts - Genova

Our Team of Experts

Without a question, our strength begins with our team. We are a team with the sole mission to give you the best chance for a successful pregnancy. Our highly experienced team is headed by our Chairman, Dr. Prof. Tahir Masood Ahmad, who has held the highest ranks in public and private healthcare as Dean of Children’s Hospital Lahore and Principal Rashid Latif Medical College, respectively.

Genova IVF medical team is led by Dr. Prof. Fauzia Monnoo who is one of the top infertility experts in Pakistan, having completed her training in infertility from Germany and Singapore. Our team of fertility doctors bring a wealth of experience, both international and domestic. They specialize in treating complex infertility cases and have helped countless patients become happy parents.

Our embryologists are highly skillful and are qualified in the latest methodology and science of embryology. Our embryology team has completed an intensive program conducted by the leading fertility centre in Nepal.

Each member of our team promises to stand with you, answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. We take pride in being professional, compassionate, and ethical.