How can I be sure that my eggs will not be injected with someone else’s sperm? - Genova

How can I be sure that my eggs will not be injected with someone else’s sperm?

By Mishael Arif Khawaja

Rest assured that we at Genova IVF have an extremely strict two-person witnessing system which does not allow for such mix-ups. There must be a minimum of two embryologists in our lab at a time so they can match each patient’s full (wife’s name and husband’s name) to the dish containing their embryos/eggs/sperm. The consultants will confirm the patient’s full name before any procedures take place along with confirming with the lab.

To make this check even tighter, you (the patient) will verify your name and your husband’s name ad your date of birth through the hatch into the lab personally with the embryologists before each procedure. Your name tag/hospital bracelet will have your name, your husband’s name as well as your date of birth on it so that is another point of verification. So even if your name is the same/similar to another one of our patients on that day, your date of birth will be unique!

We have also assigned each patient with a number that is specific to that couple so there is an extra confirmation check that needs to be passed before any procedures happen.

This is a very common fear amongst patients but with strict SOP’s followed by every person in our facility, from the receptionist to the nurses, consultants and embryologists, the chances of error are eliminated. But we know that trusting someone with something as delicate as embryos is easier said than done so please let us know if you still have concerns and we will see what we can do to help you feel at ease and satisfied.

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