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I have a big size fibroid; would I be able to conceive?

By Dr. Javaria Siraj

Females with an enlarged fibroid often find it difficult to conceive naturally. The good news is that you may not have to undergo a major surgery to become pregnant. In many cases having fibroids alone is not the cause of infertility. It is common to find that an underlying chronic infection which is damaging the
fallopian tubes is the real cause.

At Genova IVF, we do what is best for our patients. Our first line of treatment is to prescribe you medicines to treat the infection so you can try to conceive naturally. However, in some cases if the infection has done irreparable damage to your fallopian tubes, IVF procedure is the best solution to become pregnant. In either case, there is a good possibility to conceive without undergoing a major surgery.

It is also important to see how fibroids affect your chance of miscarriage. Genova IVF fertility doctor will evaluate the size, type and location of the fibroid using ultrasound and make an assessment. Unless the fibroid is present in the cavity where pregnancy is expected, it is less likely to affect your pregnancy.

If you have been diagnosed with fibroids it is best to consult Genova IVF fertility doctors to discuss your options. Our goal is always to start with the least invasive option for our patient and avoid a major surgery unless necessary. We invite you to call us and book a free consulting appointment to discuss your condition today.