Mehtab Nizamani - Genova

Mehtab Nizamani

Mehtab is a Senior Embryologist at Genova. He brings with him exceptional and diverse embryology experience, having worked at IVF clinics internationally and across Pakistan. Before joining Genova, he worked in Kuwait at the Reproductive and Medicine Unit, at the Ministry of Health. He is licensed by the Ministry of Health Kuwait as an IVF Technician. He has accumulated over 7 years of experience in the field of Embryology and Andrology and is an expert in ICSI/IVF, Oocyte and Embryo Vitrification/Thawing, Sperm Freezing/Thawing, Semen Preparation, DNA Fragmentation Test, Semen Analysis, Patient Record Maintenance and Lab Setup and Optimization.

Mehtab is in the final stages of earning his Masters of Science degree in Biotechnology and has completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from the University of Sindh. In addition, he has completed numerous international training certificates and research projects to further his knowledge.

He is originally from Hyderabad, Sindh and has resettled in Lahore with his wife and son. In his spare time, he enjoys classical music and exploring Lahore city with his family.